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In just two years, the number of users of microblogging in China reached 200 million. But this colossal success of the utmost concern to Chinese authorities, who can not effectively censor instant messages.

Tuesday, Beijing even seemed to prepare public opinion for eventual ban (Twitter is already prohibited). The New China News Agency has indeed called to exterminate « the dangerous cancer » of the rumors about microblogging.

These are compared to a « spark » can « explode » the proliferation of « false information », the agency warns. « Concoct rumors is a social disease and their dissemination on the Internet represents a massive social threat, » consider the authorities which conclude: « We must purge the soil on which crops the rumors.  »

The « Great Firewall » China has at least 40,000 censors.

In May, Beijing launched a top secret « command center » at the national level. But all companies have to hire internet censors. Jeffrey Zheng, a senior Renren, the Facebook of China, explained to the press in February that 500 Hong Kong censors employed by his group operated from a building dedicated and located in Wuhan (center). « If we can not censor everything, he said, the State shall convene our CEO.  »

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