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Disconnect is not enough from the observations of the Australian Nik Cubrilovic, a specialist in computer security, Facebook continues to record information about its users after disconnection of service. Cubrilovic says, when the user clicks on the « log off » of Facebook, the site leaves on his computer a file that contains personal information and continues to report to Facebook elements of the navigation of the user.

To customize the pages of Web sites, Facebook, as many sites or services, uses a small file, known as « cookie » placed on the hard disk of the computer, which stores information about the identity and navigation of the user. This is normal: what is the least Mr Cubrilovic note is that when the user logs out, the cookie is not deleted, but simply changed. The user continues to surf forward and, without knowing the information to Facebook, and the cookie, which remains on the machine, maintains information about it.

« If you connect to Facebook from a public computer and you click the ‘disconnect’, you still leave behind fingerprints. From what I see, these prints remain present until someone a manually delete all cookies Facebook from the computer, « writes Mr. Cubrilovic.

In response to the article by M. Cubrilovic, Stefancik Gregg, an engineer at Facebook, said that « cookies are not used Facebook to spy on Internet users. This is simply not their role. However, we use these cookies to deliver personalized content (…), (…) improve our service or to protect our users and our service (for example, to protect us from denial of service or by requesting a second authentication when the user connects from an unusual place).  »


This debate on the use of cookies by Facebook comes just days after the presentation of new features by Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, F8 at the conference social network. Among these new features, the possibility for certain services to automatically publish information on the profile of users – for example, the songs they are listening on services like Deezer and Spotify.

The researcher Dave Winer extrapolates a hypothetical example, that of a mafioso who uses Facebook, «  » Bull Mancuso just read an article explaining how to kill a Mafia ‘. Bull did not comment on the article. It has not clicked on love. He just made a web page. And an announcement was made on behalf of all those who follow him on Facebook.  »

« These applications explicitly ask users’ permission before publishing information, replies on Hacker News, another engineer on Facebook. I understand that you may be concerned if, for example, you install this application without knowing that it could posting. But if that causes problems with respect to your privacy, you can always change the permissions granted to this application in your Account Settings.  »

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