Google can stay in China

The U.S. company Google has just received its operating license renewal. A key which allows it to continue its activities within China.

Google China
Since March 2010, Internet users attempting to connect to are redirected to the Hong Kong version of the site,, which suffers no censorship. At the time, Google claimed to have found a balance between Chinese legal obligations and its willingness to keep a foot on the territory.

This delicacy has always been seen with suspicion by China. The country had even threatened to withdraw the firm’s operating license. However, according to AFP, the « Middle Kingdom » has decided to renew the authorization to practice by the fact that Google has managed to make « adjustments in its operations. »

China had already issued warnings asking Google to notify him of any launch of new services. This time, no details were given as to the exact content of these « adjustments ».


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