How to use a VPN on an iPhone

For any business or company, protecting the company’s profits, assets as well as their confidential reports from threats, such as hackers and fraudulent activities, is of key importance. However, when you’re consistently doing business transactions online, you are exposing yourself to these threats. Fortunately, the use of a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, can be ideal to secure your business from potential threats. Though you may think that VPN services and tools can only be used on a computer, this security protocol can also be utilized in smartphone such as the iPhone. Read on as we discuss how to connect smartphone VPN in several simple steps.

First, tap the Settings button, then tap the General option from the lists that will pop out. Next, tap the Network option after which taps the VPN button. Next, open the IPSec option from the menu that pops out. You’ll then find several items that you’ll have to input. Under the IPSecs, you’ll be asked for a description, server, account and password which you’ll have to complete before you can continue on. On the description tab, enter VPN. For the Server tab, enter for example. Next, for the account, enter VPN and lastly, for the password, enter ask every time. The next step on your iPhone VPN venture is the group name, which requires you to input VPN. You’ll then have to enter a secret password. After which, choose the Save option to complete the requirements and move on to the next step on enabling your iPhone VPN. You’ll then find a VPN option from the configuration page. Activate the VPN and enter the password to activate the smartphone VPN successfully.

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