How to use a VPN on vista

Planning to setup a VPN or virtual private network, on your Windows Vista but don’t know how to accomplish it? Read on as we discuss a detailed overview on how to setup the connection in no time. VPNs can greatly benefit you and/or your business as it improves your online protection as well as provides a significant increase in accessibility over the internet.

First, make sure that your OS systems are current or updated before you setup the Vista VPN. Run the Windows Update to check if it is up-to-date. Next, click the Start option and select the Control Panels tab. Next, choose the Network and Internet option. Then, click the Connect to a Network option. The next page that will be displayed may vary if you’ve already got networks defined. In any situation, select the Set Up a Connection or Network. The next step on setting up Windows VPN for Vista OS is selecting the Connect to a Workplace and then choose Next.

You’ll then have to click on the Use my Internet Connection (VPN) option. You’ll then have to input your server data on a given box. In the given text box, you will be asked with your username, which is highlighted in blue and requires your Hidemyass username, and a password, which is highlighted in yellow, and requires your Hidemyass password. After completing the text box, the screen will display saying that the connection is ready to use and an option saying Connect Now. Close this page and go to Connect to a Network option once more. After doing these few simple steps to setup your Windows VPN OS, you are much closer to setting up a stable Vista VPN on your computer.

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