How to use a VPN with Xbox 360

In some areas, it may not be possible to download full versions of and add-ons for various games, as well as themes, avatars and certain images. These problems can be eliminated by connecting you xbox360 to the internet through a VPN connection. Setting up your xbox360 VPN will require you to have a wireless router, an Ethernet cable, a wireless notebook or laptop with a LAN port, and a VPN provider.

When your VPN connection is established and working, use the Ethernet cable to connect the Xbox and your computer. On your Xbox360 Dashboard, set your IP and DNS settings to automatic. On your laptop, access network sharing by selecting “Start” and then right clicking on “Network” followed by selecting the properties tab. Select “Manage Network Connections” located on the window’s left side. Select properties after right clicking on Local Area connections. Then select Internet Protocol Version 4. Enter the IP address and subnet mask that you wish to use. Enter your VPN provider username and password. Ensure that your default gateway, preferred and alternate DNS server fields are blank. Right click on VPN and select the sharing tab and allow other networks. In the drop down menu, select “Home Network” and “Not Your Wireless Connection”. Ensure that the dial up and the “Allow other networks” boxes are not checked. Connect to your VPN provider and then do a test to ensure that your Xbox is connected.

You will now be able to download and enjoy maps, games and other entertainment options through your xbox360 VPN connection.

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