India calls for increased monitoring of social networks

The Indian authorities want to strengthen their control of social networks on the Web, said, CIO magazine. The Ministry of Defence asked the one of communications to control sites like Twitter and Facebook, to guard against possible terrorist attacks.

For companies that offer these social networks, the stakes are high. With nearly 33 million subscribers, according to the dedicated website  Social Bakers, India, for example, is the third most represented country on Facebook, behind the United States and Indonesia. Facebook also has an office in Hyderabad, in the center of the country.

The arrangements for monitoring by government agencies were not specified. But India has already increased this year, its rules with regard to new technology companies. In the context of countering terrorism, security agencies can request private information of Internet users, such as passwords.

THE BLACKBERRY already covered

This information can be transmitted without the intervention of a judge, although most companies prefer to divulge concerned only with a warrant. According to IOC, other companies such as Skype and Google, have been approached by government services.

Moreover, it is not the first time that India is seeking access to personal data. For several months, the Canadian group Research in Motion, which manufactures the Blackberry smartphones, is negotiating with the authorities of the country, threatening to close two couriers of ultra-secure telephone.

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