Iranian Internet users victims of an attempt of broad spy

Google announced  that it has detected an attempt of Fraud on mainly Iranian Internet users, which allowed to spy on communications of users of Google services. The attempted espionage was based on a false security certificate, a tool used by web browsers to see if a site is what it purports to be.

The search engine has announced that a security certificate issued by the Dutch company DigiNotar, underwritten by an entity trying to pretend to be Google, was used to attempt to intercept the communications of Internet users that where using Google and its services. DigiNotar said Tuesday that there had been hacked and believes that other fraudulent security certificates have been issued. The fake certificate for Google’s services has been for a month !

In March, the company Comodo, which also provides security certificate, was also a victim of embezzlement of nine certificates for sites and services operated by Google or Skype. The company had accused Iranian pirates,but, the diversion of these certificates was made possible mainly by faults in the process of selling the company, including its excessive automation.

Internet browser vendors are currently working on setting up an emergency patch to protect their users. The correction is already in place for Google Chrome and Firefox being finalized. In the meantime, Firefox users can manually disable the compromise security certificate .

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