Pakistan is tightening its control of the Net

Pakistani authorities want more control over virtual private networks (VPNs) that allows users to connect to the Internet anonymously, reports the Guardian, Tuesday, Aug. 30. The Telecommunications Authority of the country asked  Internet access providers (ISP) to transmit the coordinates of the customers using such services, said the newspaper.

To justify this measure, Pakistan evokes the desire to block the communication networks of suspected terrorists. But as the Guardian points out, many industries also use these encryption systems to secure their transactions. This is the case, such as banks.


« This initiative comes as Pakistan tightens controls on Internet use, » analyzes the specialized site Techeye. The country, which has just over 20 million Internet users, according to data from Internet World Stats, is indeed subject to regulations more stringent. In May 2010, Pakistan has blocked access to video-sharing site like YouTube and social networking site like Facebook. The reason for filtering: a  drawings competition launched by a Western user depicting the Prophet Muhammad.

Recently, ISPs have had to block access to the website of U.S. magazine Rolling Stone, after publishing an article denouncing the expenses of the Government for the Pakistani army.

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