Rumors, hacking: China want more control over the Web

In China, two major directions are being put forward in regulating the Web. On the one hand, justice has strengthened its sanctions in cases of intrusion into a computer network. On the other, the official news agency New China hopes that the Chinese Net players can stop the  » toxic rumors » carried by some sites.

China Watch
To guard against the risk of intrusion in some information systems, the Supreme Court of China and prosecutors said that new measures will soon increase the penalties for such offenses. According to Xinhua (New China), from 1 September, China does qualify as a crime of « illegally seizing control of a network to obtain, sell or conceal data. »

Advocates of this enhanced control put forward several arguments to support their position. They believe that to threaten the security of information networks is not only a threat to run the network itself but also for the « public interest, » said Xinhua.

This desire to increase pressure on hackers is associated with another battle led by the same agency, New China. The official newspaper has just sent a strong message towards the Internet operators but also the regulator and the police of the country so they can quickly put an end to the « toxic rumors » posted on the Web.

According to information published by Xinhua and Reuters picked up by the massive use of microblogging platforms would result in spread to many rumors. « To maintain a healthy Internet, we must completely eradicate the ground on which the rumors grow, » said New China.

Remember, China has about 485 million Internet users. According to observers, some micro-blogging services like Weibo are now used by most of the people to express their opinions. Faced with this growing criticism, Weibo has sent a notice to its 200 million members to inform their users that rumors on the murder of a teenager of 19 years old were false. The service also pointed out that two user accounts were temporarily closed.

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