South Korea: an average download rate of 17.62 Mb / s | Best South Korean VPN service

Which country has the highest average download rate ? This is the issue that looked Panda Network, specializes in the optimization of transfer on the Internet.

To carry out this study ,Panda Network has screened 27 million downloads from 20 million through computers located in 224 countries. In total 35 petabytes of data were analyzed, 36,700,160 gigabytes. If we believe the graphic reported by the US blog Mashable, the average download rate in the world would be 580 kb / s.

At the high end we find South Korea with an average rate of 2.202 Mb / s (17.62 Mb / s) followed by Romania (1.909 MB / s) and Bulgaria (1.611 Mb / s). For  France it would show an average of 604 Kb / s against 599 Kb / s for the United Kingdom, 647 Kb / s in neighboring Germany and 616 Kb / s in the United States. This is the Congo up the rear with only 13 … KB / s!

However, these results may be taken lightly. Indeed, a previous study conducted by the universities of Oxford and Oviedo, in partnership with Cisco, explained that France was among countries with a broadband connection considered comfortable for the purposes of today (community networks , playback of video streaming low quality video standard conversation, sharing small files). The researchers then argued that in terms of bandwidth, these activities required an average rate of 3.75 Mbps load.

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