SSH Tunnel vs VPN and Why VPN comes out On Top |Difference between SSH and VPN

SSH Tunnel : this is an application level protocol that allows any application with a known port to establish a secure data encrypted connection to another host. Here is a testimony: « I’ve used it to securely run VNC when our company didn’t want us using it. I’ve established an SSH tunnel from my company network straight into my OS X power-book at home when I’ve needed to get access to some of my cool techie cheats for problem solving. » This is where this protocol shines as it’s quick and easy to use.

But what if you’re looking to encrypt all of your data regardless of target host? For example, internet traffic. What if you want any website you view to be secure? This is where a vpn provider can be of great use. Now, there are various vpn protocols that a vpn provider can implement such as strongvpn, hidemyass , purevpn, etc.

However, the biggest protocol implemented thus far is hidemyass . The benefit of hidemyass is that it allows all of your internet traffic to be shielded from hackers, eaves droppers even when using WI-FI hot spots which are known for their lack of security. In an age when your data is subject to hacker abuse, a simple ssh tunnel is insufficient to protect the aggregate network traffic you generate. A vpn provider like hidemyass will afford you the secure connection needed.

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