Thousands of websites blocked by mistake in Argentina

Electronic Frontier Foundation which is specializes in the defense of freedom on the Internet, reported that an Argentinian access providers (ISP) ordered National Communications Commission to block two domain names, « » and « » . These sites have made themselves known by posting on Wikileaks, confidential documents related to political or security in Argentina.

To block these sites, ISPs have used the method of blocking the IP address  ( The problem is that it’s the address used by the Blogger platform, owned by Google. « Unfortunately, the technique of IP blocking not only affects the identified sites by justice, but also hundreds of thousands of blogs that have nothing to do with the judicial measure, » laments the firm of Mountain View, on its official blog. A total of one million blogs have been affected.

This is not the first time a request for site closure leads to an « over blocking access ». As part of an operation against child pornography sites, launched in February, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has blocked « by mistake » 84,000 websites, whose contents were not illegal.

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