Twitter can censor messages in some countries

Twitter is now able to block the publication of certain messages in certain countries, if local law requires.

Twitter can block certain messages in certain countries but not in others, while so far the tweets were stopped all over the world.

« Gradually, as we grow internationally, we will go to countries that have different positions on freedom of expression, » said Twitter on his blog.

« Some of our ideas differ so much that we can not exist there, » he said. « Others are like us, but for historical or cultural reasons, prohibit certain messages, such as France and Germany that prohibit messages pro-Nazi. »

« We have not used this ability, but if we are asked to block a message in a specific country, we will try to contact the user, and we clearly indicate when the message was blocked, » said the site.

Unavailable in China

Full details of this intervention will appear on the independent website, promised Twitter.

« One of our core values ​​is to defend and respect everyone’s voice, » he said site. « We try to keep the messages public as possible, and we will be transparent when we can not do. »

China is a country where Twitter is inaccessible. President and co-founder Jack Dorsey of the site, on a visit to Shanghai earlier this month, had found the situation « unfortunate and disappointing. »

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