Use a VPN to bypass censorship in japan

Censorship on the Internet is becoming a big problem throughout the world. And it is not just the obvious countries such as the People’s Republic of China, but nation’s that have been traditionally thought of as having freedom of speech and expression. In the free world, the censorship is coming from those worried about terrorism or corporations worried about copyright infringement.

Much of the proposed clamp downs are coming from governments but there are many Internet service providers that are voluntarily censoring themselves. Japan is a good example of a country beginning to go down a road of censorship by recently proposing several laws to safe guard against copyrighted material as well as harmful content. This last excuse for censorship is the most alarming. However, regardless of the walls thrown up, there are ways to bypass censorship.

The most common way to censor is through the use of tracking and blocking Internet users by their address. However, you can bypass censorship in this manner by the use of vpn services. These letters stand for virtual private network as is a service offered by several companies on the Internet. You simply sign into their web page and surf the Internet through their site. The site will provide a new address for you, so you are in effect surfing the Internet with camouflage. Using vpn services is usually enough to circumvent most censorship that is thrown up to block Internet users. Even in a country such as Japan, unless an ISP can be shut down, or forced to shut down a particular site, you will be able to bypass the security.

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