China :Internet users take advantage of a loophole in the censorship on the page Google + of Obama

WEB – Some call the American president to come to liberate the Chinese people …

Hundreds of Chinese have visited the page of U.S. President Barack Obama on Google + and left comments on the situation of human rights in China, apparently taking advantage of a loophole in Chinese censorship.

Google +, the customization tool on the web that approximates a social network like Facebook, is usually inaccessible in China, since its launch in 2011 by Google.

Beijing has set up a censorship of the Internet very sophisticated, dubbed the “Great Firewall”, pun which mixes English words Great Wall (Great Wall) and firewall (firewall).

But in recent days, Chinese netizens have managed to access the site and focused on the Google page + U.S. President, with comments centered around human rights, freedom, and more mundane subjects, such as obtaining a green card to stay in the United States.

“We are not a barbarous people, we just choked”

“Many people do not understand why so many Chinese want to come. We envy the democracy and freedom of the American people, “wrote one user. “We are not a barbarous people, we just choked”, wrote a second, while others call for Obama to “come and liberate China.”

It is unclear whether these comments were written from China, but many characters are written in simplified Mandarin – language used on the mainland, not Hong Kong – and the comments are similar to those found at sites China microblogs.

Others called Obama to help secure the release of dissidents, as the lawyer Chen Guangcheng, under house arrest, or the Nobel Peace Liu Xiaobo, in prison.

Sunday, Google + was accessible from some mobile devices from computers but not fixed.

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