Configuring Astrill VPN services on DD-WRT Router

Astrill surprised us because it is the simplest installation, the fastest that exists right now.

astrill sweden best vpn provider

Just launch the software OpenVPN from Astrill, click on the Help tab and choose Switch to expert => DD-WRT Setup

astrill-dd-wrt-setup best vpn service

Click « Next »

dd-wrt-success best vpn service

It’s that simple! You don’t even have to reboot the router! You only need to enter your login and password to the local address: to see the changes.

astrill-dd-wrt1 best vpn service

The most interesting is the change of the router interface with a « My Page » where you can configure Astrill.

Options are simple:

  • Server list (useful for switches – it is nevertheless necessary to disconnect)
  • Servers where P2P applications are allowed (do not rely on this list because France is included! – Always choose the Holland or Sweden)
  • VPN Mode: allows to pass through the VPN international sites or all sites (even local).

In fact, this VPN is particularly turned  for countries like China who censor the Internet.

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3 –HMA! (27)

4 –StrongVPN (19)

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3 –VyprVPN $14.99

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