ExpressVPN Expert Review

Expressvpn is a VPN provider located in the U.S. (We are a U.S. company, and this agreement is Governed by U.S. law.) Since 2009 they have a special VPN pack- OpenVPN PPTP-L2TP (the latter two protocols are activated on demand to support ) for $ 12.95 monthly.

ExpressVPN, like all U.S. servers,  apply the same privacy policy of three levels:

1- In addition to the information you provide through our order-form, we may store the following pieces of data: IP address, times when connected to our service, and the total amount of data transfered per day. We store this to be able to deliver the best possible network experience to you. We keep this information secure and private.

2- If we receive complaints regarding copyrighted materials such as music and movies being shared over our network, we may filter traffic to see which account is sending it, and then cancel that account.

3- We do not as a matter of ordinary practice store private information about individual user activities on our network, such as emails, chats, VOIP calls, websites visited, etc. However, should we receive a valid request from US law enforcement officials, we may be forced to comply, even with no warning to the user.

This same package can be taken for a period of 6 months ($ 65.95 – 15% discount) and one year ($ 119.95 – 23% discount). The advantage of subscribing for a long time is to get a really good discount.

We liked the OpenVPN Gui for ExpressVPN because its pre-configured ExpressVPN Gui is first of all very practical: you will find all the available addresses, login / password that are stored and the connection time is fast enough.

ExpressVPN uses public IP’s and shared IP’s. They remain accessible. Confidentiality is its advantage over other VPN providers.
Apart from the UK IP’s that can display restrictions: quotas exceeded / Users already active , the netherlands IP’s work perfectly.

In addition the switches are unlimited between eight servers. You can easily watch streaming during 72 minutes.

French expats can easily connect to Facebook without any restriction which is a big advantage to keep in touch with family and friends. Replay of French TV shows (applying the geographic restriction) if you are abroad are « in theory »  available using ExpressVpn. This provider provides French IP’s.

The « confidentiality » of ExpressVPN (and its ranges of IP’s) is great for those who use JustinTV. Known servers as VPNTunnel.Se, VyprVPN are blacklisted with JustinTV. Not ExpressVPN IP’s. So with three servers in the U.S. you can watch JustinTV without having to subscribe. The « big » VPN providers » are classified as those that exceed the number of users limit! (So you can’t use them to watch JustinTV or an other streaming site.

Obviously ExpressVPN  can be installed on all media that accept PPTP (Router, Iphone, Iphone). However the OpenVPN protocol on the router is not possible for now.

However, there are negative points:

-Restriction: You can configure ExpressVPN on as many computers as you like, though only one of them can be connected to the VPN at a time.

French IP’s referred to Holland! (During our test)

-ExpressVPN is a small company.

Best Annual Offers

1 –Overplay $52.95

2 – StrongVPN    $55

3 – Hide My Ass $78

Best Monthly offers

1 –StrongVPN $7

2 –Overplay $9.95

3 –Hide My Ass $11.52

Best IP Location

1 –Overplay (31)

2 –HMA! (27)

3 –StrongVPN (19)

Best Free Trials

1 –Overplay $9.95

2 –Hide My Ass $11.52

3 –VyprVPN $14.99

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