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We were looking originally a service that would offer:

  •      OpenVPN & PPTP access and choice in the same package. OpenVPN protocol because the connection is more reliable than PPTP. In addition, we ‘always uses the VPN with the Iphone. Wifi is essential.
  •      Torrent & P2P are Allowed. We prefer newsgroups, but we know that many readers will ask us, and P2P?. It is authorized by HideIpVpn on German address with ports 443 and 1723. Not available for North American or British.
  •      If the same VPN service provides several IP’s from different countries, then it would be great ! Why? We could use American IP’s to watch Hulu and Swedish Ip’s are known for justin TV

HideIpVpn offers all these features:

  •      PPTP and OpenVPN access in the same package at $ 9.99
  •      Addresses in the United States, one in Germany and two in England
  •      Payment via PayPal or Credit Card. We paid by Paypal, we received instantly login, password and instructions for configuring the VPN- mail to the address given at the registration


It was easier to set up our account with Windows XP 32-bit.

  • With Seven 64-bit we are not able to use the PPTP connection software provided by HideIpVPN
  • So we manually configure our PPTP  access …
  • On Windows Seven it is essential to Run as an administrator OpenGui. If you don’t use OpenVPN as an administrator, your IP will always be the one from your ISP of origin.
    Both problems were resolved with technical support (fast support)


PPTP on Seven in 64-bit :
1. Open the « Control Panel » (Start -> Control Panel) and click on « Network and Internet »
2. Click « Network and Sharing Center » then « Set up a connection or network ».
3. Select « Connect to your workspace » and click « Next. »
4. Select « Use my Internet connection (VPN). »
5. Enter the Internet address of the server


6. Enter the name you want in the « Destination Name » « eg HideIpVPN » and click « Next. »
7. Enter your username and password and click « Create ».
8. When the location of the VPN prompted, choose « Public place » for maximum security.

  • For 32-bit architectures, use the PPTP connection software

Setup on Iphone:
1. Run the configuration: Settings> General> Network> VPN> Add VPN Configuration
2. Click on PPTP and enter the following information:
– Description: Connection name. Eg HideIpVPN
– Host: Enter the server address. eg us1.hideipvpn.com
– Account: Your username
– Password: Your password
3. Turn off your Iphone
4. Turn on the Iphone. Then in settings> You click VPN and a blue icon appears on your Iphone
5. For WiFi connection in a public place, always use a VPN


Our opinion:

We like HideIpVpn because it corresponds to this type of use: Hulu, VPN for iPhone, a little torrent, JustinTV …. Newsgroups (Use  VyprVPN with Giganews if you want unrestricted access on usenet server + VPN ) .

Technical support is reactive

Speeds are not bad: on the Newsgroups, we reached the same speeds with HideIpVpn that with VyprVPN

PPTP disconnections after 4 hours. There were decreases in speed observed .. it’s common for all VPN services

For less than $ 10, HideIpVpn is the ideal alternative to TuVPN that offers exactly the same service for PPTP and OpenVPN protocols.

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