How to watch SuperBowl outside USA

Like last year, the authorities responsible for the protection of intellectual property (ICE) have blocked many sites offering  streaming sports content. This decision comes just days before the biggest sporting event of the year in the United States.

As we approach the Superbowl, the great event of American sports, the authorities closed  several sites that were planning to broadcast the match in streaming. The Department of Justice, the division responsible for the protection of copyright and FBI report that they have blocked the gates :,, and Another site ( could be added to this list, says TorrentFreak.

This little game of cat and mouse has become traditional between the authorities and creators of such sites. Indeed, last year the same measure had been decided and several sites had been closed. At the time, platforms such as were then accessible.

By cons, this is the first time that sites. TV is covered by such measures. So far, the U.S. services had been taking action against domains. Net and. Com. This time they claimed the rights of broadcasting companies on sites using the suffix of Tuvalu (a Polynesian archipelago) even if it is managed by the U.S. firm Verisign.

At a time when debates about the laws and SOPA PIPA remain alive in the United States, this series of close plays in favor of the supporters of these laws. Indeed, the number of blocked sites tend to recur soon after, forcing the authorities to impose new restrictions. However, if the laws SOPA and PIPA were to be adopted, the “Superbowl crackdown” could become an old tradition.

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