India requests Gmail and Yahoo to channel all mails by India

Because they want to read their contents without seeking international collaboration, India asks Yahoo, Gmail and other mail providers to pass through servers located in its territory all emails sent or received since the India.

According to the Times of India, Indian security agencies want all emails sent or received from India routed through servers located in India. The newspaper said at a summit meeting, the Interior Ministry has asked the Department of Information Technology to make contact with the leading suppliers of messaging services, to express this requirement.

Indian authorities are indeed sensitive to the difficulties expressed by the security agencies, explaining why they can not have access to real-time e-mails of suspects when their accounts are registered outside the country, even if they are then used from India.

Yahoo, for example, stored in servers located in India all emails accounts registered in the country. But if someone uses an address [email protected], domiciled in France, the Indian authorities have no way to access it without international letter rogatory.

But the problem would have arisen during the investigation of terrorist suspects, including e-mails were registered in Europe. Operators would then have explained that they could do anything without a court order in Europe. If all emails sent or received in India are stored on servers located in the country, then the authorities may request access to much more quickly. Hence the request to Gmail and Yahoo, who have no interest if the « terrorists » are using their own mail with POP and SMTP server hosted abroad.

This is the whole question of national sovereignty, which is the subject of great concern with « cloud computing ». In this case, India is to access the messages circulating in India. But in Europe there is concern that data rather Europeans stored « in the cloud » can be submitted to the Patriot Act, which gives U.S. authorities the right to access.

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