Internet Censorship in India – unblock sites in India

The government of India has engaged in selective censorship for many years. It seldom worries about political content, but it has gone out of its way to ban obscene content. The government has increasingly blocked content that threatens national security. The Indian government is not oppressive about censorship. It is also not consistent about enforcement.

The censorship is usually aimed at obscene websites. Using an Indian VPN can fix this.

Someone who has a website in India may want to avoid the possibility of government censorship. An Indian VPN does not provide the same protection against censorship as a website outside the country does, but it can help.

If he is worried about the possibility of censorship, he should consider using a Virtual Private Network. The virtual private network gives him a website address outside of India.

He may want to be careful about the country he selects to host his virtual private network. He does not want to host his website in a country with even more restrictive laws.

If he chooses to host his network in China, for example, he will face much stricter Internet censorship rules. If he wants a country with less strict rules, he should try a European country.

If he is not placing illicit material on his website, he can also try to get a VPN with an address in the United States. If he wants to avoid censorship elsewhere, and Indian VPN may be what he needs.


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