Internet Censorship In Turkey

Turkey has been under a wave of censorship in the recent past, one of the areas that have been highly affected is the Internet.

Websites are blocked or banned by Telecommunication and Transmission Authority: a newer and stricter governmental body that tracks Internet traffic.

A ban can be imposed on a website if the contents are illegal under law, and is not hosted in Turkey. Another reason is if the contents are of a sexual nature involving minors and is hosted in Turkey.

Luckily we are smarter than government thinks. There is a service that is geared towards helping you surf the net anonymously or under by proxy; it’s called a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

A Turkish VPN can enable you to keep your Internet activities secure and private. It can also help you to circumvent the firewalls set by the government, and to unblock sites previously banned by the government.

There are very many Turkish VPN providers available e.g. Hidemyass, strong vpn, overplay, expressvpn, proxpn, vyprypn purevpn ibvpn and many others. The prices of VPN service providers range from as low as $4.96 per month to as high as $20.00 per month.

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