Iran has blocked the web encrypted in HTTPS – Iran VPN service

Is Iran trying to strengthen individual liberties on the eve of anniversary of the 1979 revolution? While the event will be celebrated Saturday, several reports indicate that the country has attacked the security protocol HTTPS.

Difficult to believe in coincidence, if the facts prove to be accurate. As Iran prepares to celebrate the anniversary Saturday of the 1979 revolution, many testimonies from the country suggest that the government would have hardened a little more Internet filtering. This time it is specifically encrypted HTTPS protocol that would be covered.

On Twitter, Jacob Appelbaum,  indicates that “Iran is to filter the Internet more intensively for at least 48 hours. SSL / TLS are censored at multiple Internet access providers, but not all.” However, be aware that these two security protocols are used in securing HTTP traffic by adding a layer of encryption (HTTPS).

According to Kabir News site, which also refers to a clamping Safe Browsing in HTTPS, the measure would have started Thursday, February 9. Websites like Gmail, Yahoo and Google, who offer their services with encrypted access, and would be difficult to reach. The problem also affects the country’s banks, which also secure the connection with this protocol.

If one refers to the ratio of transparency provided by Google, the curve representing traffic seen at Gmail in Iran is actually in free fall since February 9. The Mountain View giant said that its tool allows to identify interruptions or disruptions caused by a blockage government or a technical problem, such as a cut cable.

Gmail really only seems to undergo an intensive screening in Iran, other income (unencrypted) are in turn accessible without any obvious difficulty. At least for that period. U.S. giant recalls, however, that data after Feb. 5 must be interpreted with caution, since they are being finalized.

This is not the first time that Iran puts pressure on foreign web services on the eve of the anniversary of the 1979 revolution. In February 2010, the authority announced the blocking of Gmail. At the time this action was justified to encourage people to switch to an Iranian national messaging.

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