Piracy law & Internet Censorship in New Zealand

With the implementation of the new anti-piracy law in New Zealand, which prohibits the downloading and sharing of copyrighted materials, Kiwis are turning to Virtual Private Network solutions to try and thwart the law. The idea behind New Zealand VPN solutions is to shield the user from prying government eyes by moving their data in a secure encrypted information tunnel, known as a virtual private network.

Easy and inexpensive to set up these New Zealand VPN services have many legitimate uses including protecting sensitive business data, ensuring user privacy, and making sure that online transaction are not intercepted by unintended third-parties. Through the use of this technology Kiwis are now trying to shield their own online transactions, effectively becoming digital smugglers of copyrighted materials.

Most virtual private networks are sold as a third-party service and they require a client piece installed on the users computer. Once installed their use is seamlessly integrated and just becomes a hidden feature of the users regular experience. It looks like for the foreseeable future New Zealand VPN will be the new reality for people looking to utilize peer-to-peer file sharing services on the Internet.

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