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The peculiarity of ProXPN is to provide a free VPN, gateway to their paid service at $ 9.95/month or $ 49.95 / 6 months. The free service provides an IP in the United States and limit the connection speed to 300 kbps. As against the support is effective even for the free version of their service.

To access the free ProXPN you must subscribe to the site (before or after downloading the software) and download the integrated OpenVPN client  of ProXPN. After installation, you are redirected to the site that offers either subscribe ($ 9.95/month or $ 49.95 USD / 6 months) or choose the free version : « No thanks, I want a proXPN Basic account ». In all cases it is your email address and password that you used as login information.

The current version is 2.4.9 client. A single IP is available: United States – to 300 kbps speed  – No VPN Guard

ProXPN-basic best vpn service

We greatly regret the demise of the  VPNGuard even in the free version. This was the real added value  compared to ProXPN Basic. ProXPN Basic remains a good free VPN for surfing, streaming on Hulu or Youtube.

ProXPN Premium version provides unlimited access and speed. It’spossible to switch between servers in the United States, England, Singapore and Holland, PPTP available for a fee of $ 9.95/month with VPN Guard (connection protection)

proXPN’s Log Keeping Policy

1. Thesis are not Logs Kept for Any Period of lengthy time. (Roughly Two Weeks)
2. Used thesis logs are only to track abuse of our service users by Who Might wish to use in order to Their connection engages in illegal activity Such as hacking, credit card fraud, spamming, etc..

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Presentation of  ProXPN service

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