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Since 2006 StrongVPN is one of the best VPN providers .  StongVPN has an incredible number of  IP’s and  packages available. Also you can access to Livechat if you have a question from the homepage.

  • In terms of IP’s there are more than 6000 IP’s available (dedicated or shared) in 19 countries and distributed all over 233 servers.

StrongVPN provides PPTP / / OpenVPN and L2TP deals. The number of proposed package is impressive, the table below shows it to you:

VPN deals

PPTP Deals
OpenVPN Deals
IP: United States
IP: United States
IP: United States, Canada, Netherlands, England, Germany, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore IP: United States IP:United States IP: United States, Canada, Netherlands, England, Germany, Russia, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Singapore IP: United States, Canada, Netherlands, England, Germany, Russia, Luxembourg, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Norway, France


VPN promotion (always available)

3 Cities Special: USA + England 3 Cities Special: USA + England
$55/year for PPTP

=> Monthly price $ 4.50

$85/year for OpenVPN

=> Monthly price $ 7

3 Cities Special: USA + England + Netherlands 3 Cities Special: USA + England + Netherlands
$55/year for PPTP

=> Monthly price $ 4.50

$85/year for OpenVPN

=> Monthly price $ 7


Technical and commercial support is fast and qualified. Live Chat and Teamviewer also available for support.

Some drawbacks: The minimum commitment is three months, no monthly fee – A limitation exists in the change of servers. 5 Switches are allowed per month .StrongVPN therefore is not suitable for hosting files that limit in time the number of downloads from the same IP. With your dedicated IP you are sure not to see a Download limit exceeded as that is often the case with a shared IP.

Registration and Account: I have made ​​my payment through Paypal. As with TuVPN, the account is activated after a period of time (within 2 hours). During the registration, information are requested as name, address, …. (be creative). You receive in your inbox, your login and password for your user account and the procedure to connect. The user account is complete, though a little too much. While the bulk is in your VPN Accounts Summary, which is below the tab (left column) VPN Accounts.

StrongVPN-best vpn service account summary

=> The essentials of this page were: – view greeting page to find your configuration – change city bound to change IP, do not forget that your switches are limited.

Installing the OpenVPN on Windows: The configuration files are delivered by mail, simply add them to your config file of OpenVPN. If the OpenVPN software is not installed on your computer, simply download it here Right click on your OpenVPN GUI icon and select: Run as an administrator. It only remains for you to click on the icon in the taskbar and select Connect.

Quality of connection: The OpenVPN is obviously more stable than PPTP but disconnections have taken place. This is a notification email to let you know that strongVPN is going to reset the server connection. DURING a brief Period of time you will you lose connectivity if you are connected. We advise you to install software securing your OpenVPN connection so your real IP address doesn’t appears in during disconnections.

Daily use:

WIFI: MANDATORY! A VPN server’s primary mission is to secure your connection. The wifi is particularly vulnerable. The wireless network of your own is easily hackable, what about free and paid hotspots of hotels !!!!! WIFI = VPN

Usenet – Newsgroup: The network of the future.Fast, functional and already secured with SSL.

Access to restricted content like Hulu, Pandora, Vevo or JustinTV …. Pandora is a unique music service . I love this sound system. It creates your radio to your image. At first you put the name of an artist that you like and Pandora takes care of the play list, but where others are bad Pandora is good and effective. The copyright holders are compensated through the ads and the purchases you made ​​on Itunes for example. During the registration, set as zip code: 90510

Logs: StrongVPN is very clear on this: is no monitoring of your business but in the event of fraudulent activity or serious inquiry requires then the logs will be reviewed. In any case a VPN server isn’t there to protect criminal activities!

Our Opinion: What about this VPN server? (+ + Or -)

  •      + + + StrongVPN is a well-established company. No problem of sampling.
  •      + + StrongVPN is ideal for beginners because of the strength of the supplier’s technical support. Live Chat and Teamwiever are available.
  •      + Server advised for traditional use
  •      The rates are attractive for an annual subscription. $ 85/year for the OpenVPN =>  $ 7 for a month
  •      No port forwading or dedicated port for P2P.
  •      – Limited Switch

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