Unblock Netflix in 2012 with a VPN

The leading U.S. streaming film distribution services via internet does not allow access to its services for residents outside the United States. Why should we deprive ourselves of this pioneer that offers a wide range of films sometimes hard to find in other countries in the world?
Bypass the restriction from Netflix via the VPN

There is a simple solution and easy to implement: the VPN. It will allow you to log onto the site by passing through a server based in the U.S. that will authenticate you as a resident of the United States. So you’ll have access to many services offered by Netflix.
The top of the VPN

There are several. We have made ​​available a comparison of VPN services but we can say that HideMyAss is among the best because it is available at its price and especially because it offers a lot of countries from which you can connect.

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