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VpnTunnel, the leading Swedish LowCost VPN, has released its new integrated OpenVPN client version 2.0, a new OpenVPN client that brings some new features and improvements. The price is always the same: 5 € / month

We thank VpnTunnel for providing us with two accounts to try this client V 2.0

The general appearance has changed:

vpntunnel-v-2.0-index best vpn provider

But the servers are the same has before (V 1.0)

vpntunnel-country best vpn providerConnection  guard is always available

vpntunnel-connection-guard best vpn providerThe real changes are in the tab (Settings)

vpntunnel-settings best vpn providerIn addition to the boot options and user information stored , the new options are:

  •      A proxy option
  •      A connection for those that are blocked by a firewall
  •      Change IP option (5 and 30 minutes).
  •      Additional commandine parameters: it is the option that interests us the most. Obviously the scripts can change the customer’s orders.

Our opinion:

There are two bugs that are already in version V 1.0: – an application that launches Internet Explorer does not work! – Unable to browse via Firefox even if the client is not connected, it is still necessary to completely leave the client

For now the OpenClient is under development, we could not test it fully:

  •      The Connection behind a firewall is only available behind a US Server
  •      The proxy does not work

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