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VPNTunnel.se is a Swedish VPN provider. It’s characterized by its low price (5 € / Month)

Here are forces of this Vpn Service:

Low price (5 € / Month)

-Swedish IP which ensure confidentiality of user data and usage data (Warning: When U.S IP’s are used, logs are kept 30 days in accordance with the law of the country). Always read out the privacy / tos of a VPN sites

-All applications (P2P) are allowed, surfing, streaming, …

-The  pre-configured OpenVPN (dynamic shared IP) software  allows you to switch between countries, a guard connection disconnects software applications in case of VPN disconnection.

Several countries are allowed: Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Holland, United States

For 5€, your surfing is protected, your network is secure (router installation possible) and your data remains confidential. Conversely speeds can be slow (VpnTunnel is a victim of its success).

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