Watch Netflix In China

Netflix users, planning on taking a trip abroad? Whether this is so, or you merely live outside of the United States, there is a solution to accessing Netflix and other sites that may be restricted while in China.

The problem lies in the fact that when going online in China, you are using a China vpn or a Netflix vpn. Internet access is restricted, therefore preventing you from designated sites. Using a VPN provider creating the illusion of your being in the United States will solve this conundrum. Below is a short list of sites which will allow your usage of VPN services.

-UltraVPN- An efficient VPN provider which encrypts the network connection

-Hotspot- A free VPN service used for internet access. Available for Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. The best free service available.

-GPass- Free VPN provider allowing you to stream audio/video, email or IM. Use the Download Manager to download from your favorite sites.

-ProXPN- Free service which is fast and fairly simple to use Free provider requiring completion of a survey

While there are countless other service providers, these prevent restrictions which come from using a China VPN or a Netflix VPN. Enjoy! We Recommend using providers below (tested and approved) :

Best Annual Offers

1 -Overplay $52.95

2 - StrongVPN $55

3 - Hide My Ass $78

Best Monthly offers

1 -StrongVPN $7

2 -Overplay $9.95

3 -Hide My Ass $11.52

Best IP Location

1 -Overplay (48)

2 -HMA! (38)

3 -StrongVPN (19)

Best Free Trials

1 -Overplay $9.95

2 -Hide My Ass $11.52

3 -VyprVPN $14.99

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